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How Can I Be a Good Caregiver?

May 1, 2020
Not everyone can afford to hire an in-home nurse or professional caregiver. Today, there are around 45.3 million unpaid, non-professional caregivers in the United States taking care of a loved one.
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Do You Have a Jupiter Estate Planning Blueprint?

April 30, 2020
When it comes to estate planning, not having a plan is a plan. However, it is not a good one.
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What’s the Difference Between an Inter Vivos Trust and a Testamentary Trust?

April 29, 2020
Estate planning offers tools to establish and maintain effective control over cash, investments and real estate assets during a person's lifetime and upon death. While wills and beneficiary designations work well to ensure that an estate plan meets the unique needs of the individual establishing the plan, each has its limits.
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How Does Former Nickelodeon Star Amanda Bynes Pregnancy Impact Her Conservatorship?

April 28, 2020
Amanda Bynes recently revealed that she is pregnant and now Us Weekly reports that her conservatorship may impact the custody of her baby.
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Handing Kids Keys to Your Florida Home Is Never Good Estate Planning

April 27, 2020
Adding an adult child to your house deed, or giving them the home outright, might seem like a smart thing to do. It usually isn’t.
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Why Is Walt Disney’s Grandson Unable to Claim his $200 Million Inheritance?

April 24, 2020
In a national telephonic press conference today by attorney Lanny Davis, a legal representative for Walt Disney’s grandson Bradford D. Lund, the announcement was made of another count added to their previously filed U.S. Civil Rights Act complaint against Superior Court Judge David J. Cowan and the entire Los Angeles County Superior Court.
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Do I Need to Be Wealthy to Set Up a Florida Trust?

April 23, 2020
If you've heard of trust funds but don't know what they are or how they work, you're not alone. Many people know just one key fact about trust funds: they're set up by the ultra-wealthy as a way to protect passing on significant sums of money to family, friends or entities (charities, for example) after they pass away.
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What about Spousal Social Security Benefits?

April 22, 2020
If you have never worked or paid Social Security taxes (or not paid them for long enough), you will not be eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits on your own account.
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Do I Really Need a Florida Health Care Directive?

April 21, 2020
An Advance Directive/Living Will is that type of document. It provides authorization for the termination of life support. It is a document that only you can sign – you cannot delegate the power to make that decision.
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C19 UPDATE: Should You Bring Mom Home from the Florida Nursing Home Now?

April 20, 2020
With the coronavirus moving through facilities that house older adults, families across the country are wondering “Should I bring Mom or Dad home?”
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