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A well-drafted and complete estate plan will ensure that your family and assets are protected should something happen to you.

Welch Law takes a holistic approach to our clients’ estate planning. In our work together, we thoughtfully will consider all concerns regarding assets, unique family dynamics, and health interests. We will discuss which estate planning options are best for you and we will explain why a standalone will or trust is not enough to protect you and your family.

Our legal team focuses on protecting your family legacy and assets, as well as maximizing value for beneficiaries. We also offer education on estate planning techniques that can be used during your lifetime to enable property to pass to your intended beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Upon completion of your estate plan, you will leave armed with knowledge and confidence that you and your family are well protected. Our recent blog articles like If Not Now, When? It is the Time for Estate Planning explore estate planning issues to consider during the coronavirus pandemic.

What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a set of legal documents that manages the care of you and your finances during your lifetime, and distributes your assets after your death. A comprehensive estate plan protects your hard-earned assets and legacy by allowing the bypass of an otherwise unnecessary judicial process called probate. In your estate plan, you designate who will make financial and medical decisions for you upon your incapacity or death and how you want those decisions made. If you have minor children, your estate plan states who you would like to be the guardian for your children until they are adults.

Who Needs an Estate Plan?

It is a common misconception that only wealthy individuals need estate plans. Anyone who has minor children, real estate, owns a business, OR has assets worth over $100,000 should have a comprehensive estate plan.

Why do You Need a Customized Estate Plan?

An estate plan is all about your family.  Every family is unique and complex in its own way.  Your estate plan should accurately reflect your family’s unique dynamics and needs.

What Happens if You Pass Away Without a Properly Executed Estate Plan?

If you do not have an estate plan and pass away with assets, all of your assets may have to go through a judicial process called probate.  Probate is very costly, time consuming, and public.

What is Included in an Estate Plan?

Your estate plan will include a trust, a pour-over will, powers of attorney, a health care directive, a HIPAA release, and living will, and other important documents.


Our Jupiter Estate Planning law firm offers a free initial consultation as a first step to discuss your estate planning objectives in detail and to determine if we are a good fit.  Please contact Edward Welch directly at (305) 202-0645 or e-mail him at to schedule a consultation.  Mr. Welch will meet with you personally in our Jupiter, FL office or travel to your home or business, whichever option is more comfortable and convenient.

Our process includes at least two in-person meetings from introduction to a completed estate plan.  Some of our clients require more time together, while others prefer to streamline the process.  We are happy to honor both journeys to develop a complete estate plan that reflects your needs.  You will have unlimited access to Attorney Welch via phone and e-mail while we are crafting your estate plan to ensure your full understanding of the finished product.


We will send you a draft of your estate plan for review within approximately 10 business days of receiving your completed New Client Questionnaire.  We can have our Signing Meeting shortly thereafter.  If you are in a rush to complete your estate plan for reasons such as upcoming travel or a medical procedure, please let our legal team know immediately, and we will work within your timeline to meet your needs.


You do not need to do anything to prepare for our first meeting other than filling out the New Client Questionnaire.  It is our job to guide your through the process of developing your estate plan. We will help you carefully consider various “what if?” situations and how you would want them handled. If you are eager to start thinking about your estate plan, you can start by brainstorming about the key people in your life whom you would call upon to make complex financial, personal, and healthcare decisions for you.


You have worked hard to create a business and accumulate significant assets. You should have a comprehensive asset protection plan that safeguards the future of you and your family. Jupiter Estate Planning Welch Law works with trustworthy accountants and financial advisors here and abroad to help you construct asset protection vehicles that achieve your specific needs and goals.

Welch Law represents business owners, doctors, and other professionals whose family and business assets may be vulnerable to creditors. We are creative and diligent in creating strategies to insulate your assets from creditors and minimize tax liability while avoiding impropriety.

Welch Law is committed to protecting and growing your wealth. We assist in formulating individualized plans focused on ensuring your family’s continued prosperity.

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