Purchase and Sale Agreements

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Purchase and Sale Agreements

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When planning a Florida business purchase or sale, it is imperative to have an experienced business attorney on your team.  Welch Law has represented individuals purchasing or selling businesses of all shapes and sizes from small dog walking companies to multimillion-dollar dental practices.  While each transaction is different, one thing remains constant: our firm is dedicated to promoting your interests and shielding you from liability.

If you are planning on buying or selling a business in Florida, Welch Law will assist you through all stages of the transaction. We will provide counsel and assistance in 10 key areas, such as:

  1. Preparing your business for a potential sale
  2. Performing a valuation
  3. Drafting a letter of intent
  4. Negotiating the terms of the transaction
  5. Preparing the purchase and sale agreement
  6. Evaluating the assets and liabilities of a company during the due diligence and investigation period
  7. Drafting other contracts such as a non-compete, non-disclosure agreement, guaranty, and consultation agreement with the seller
  8. Analyzing security and financing agreements, bill of sale, promissory notes and loan documents
  9. Addressing issues related to purchasing or leasing the real property related to the business
  10. Representation at the closing to make sure your rights are preserved 

Welch Law will ensure that you, as purchaser or seller, have contingencies in place that enable you to exit the transaction if you cannot obtain financing or the necessary licenses and permits, or if your review of the financial and other business records indicate that you should not move forward with the business or sale.

If you are considering financing a purchase or offering financial arrangements to sell your business, Welch Law will analyze the documents and ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the agreements.

Our law firm’s goal is to ensure that you are able to purchase or sell your business with extreme confidence.

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