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Welch Law offers an annual subscription plan that provides our clients with unlimited telephone calls and advice at a fixed, monthly rate. This “on-call plan” also includes the creation, review, and/or negotiation of up to twelve legal documents per year. Many times, a client will come to us with costly legal issues arising out of an agreement that could have been easily avoided had the client sought the services of an attorney to review the agreement at the time of execution. Ninety-five percent of the time, the client informs our legal team that they did not have an attorney initially review the agreement because they were concerned about the amount charged by attorneys. This is precisely the situation Welch Law’s “on-call plan” eliminates by encouraging regular communication and review of documents.  Simply stated, the concierge approach to law emphasizes prompt, personal attention to our clients’ varying needs, such that the “billable hour” is taken out of the equation.

For many businesses, full–time legal services are a crucial but prohibitively expensive necessity. If you find that your Jupiter business needs ongoing, in–house counsel but cannot justify keeping a legal team on a full–time basis, please contact Welch Law to discuss our affordable on-call counsel services. Welch Law has successfully confronted and resolved various issues posed by our business clients in pressing matters pertaining to both transaction as well as litigation scenarios. As virtual in–house counsel, we become intimately familiar with your business and its specific requirements. We are available and up–to–speed when it comes to your business’s needs, affording you rapid transaction guidance as well as immediate response and flexibility in emergency situations to effectively avoid litigation, and/or aggressively represent you in the courtroom when necessary.  Learn more about Attorney Welch’s experience helping his wife open her own orthodontic practice, Gardens Orthodontics, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, from the ground up.

The reputation of Welch Law is based on consistent demonstrations of sound business judgment, ongoing evaluation of risks and benefits, and our communication skills, both verbal and written. Attorney Edward Welch offers clear and open communication with our clients… clear and persuasive communication with judges… and clear and firm communication with adversarial attorneys. If you or your business can benefit from on-call legal counsel honed by years in the litigation trenches, this is the service for you

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