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Jupiter Contract and Lease Review and Preparation

As trial lawyers, our clients often hire us to litigate contracts that unfortunately are less than bullet proof. As transactional business attorneys, we have the benefit of understanding where the loopholes are in the contracts we’ve seen in litigation disputes. This broad and varied background allows Welch Law to offer experienced transactional guidance. Our extensive litigation acumen guides our focused, meticulous approach to preparing and reviewing contracts that safeguard client interests and anticipate those challenges that may lie ahead. This is why our clients value us so highly for our unique ability to tailor our guidance to suit each client’s specific and particular business need with an eye to maximizing their full business potential.

Contract Drafting

The internet is chockablock with free templates and cheap fillable contracts.  These documents generally are not tailored to your specific industry or situation.  Rather, they tend to be a conglomeration of boilerplate clauses commonly used at one time or another, but they do not necessarily work best for your business.  It is fundamental to have a business lawyer draft and review your essential contracts to ensure that the contractual language is up to date, devoid of loopholes, and is compatible with the way you do business.  Likewise, it makes sense to memorialize your agreements with your employees with an employment agreement to ensure that there is a clear understanding of what is expected and what will be given in return.  As your business grows you will need to consider nondisclosure agreements, non-solicitation agreements, liability waivers, bylaws, operating agreements, and more.  Welch Law has experience in drafting contracts that cover the simplest to the most complex scenarios.

Contract Review

In business, contracts are the guidelines by which give and take. If you don’t understand a contract or if you sign one without reading it, you could find yourself in the unenviable situation of having to operate your business in a certain way or to offer substantial refunds for not satisfying certain goals.  Your employment agreement may include clauses that detrimentally effect the practice of your profession through noncompete provisions or compensation claw backs for not satisfying certain goals.  This is why it’s imperative to hire a contract attorney to review all of your agreements. At Welch Law, we take the time to go through every client’s contracts in detail and to ensure they know exactly what they are signing.


Are you concerned about the fine print in your residential or commercial lease? A well-drafted lease can secure important rights for you and your business, and an overlooked provision can leave you exposed to great liability. Because of their importance, you should have your leases drafted or reviewed by a business attorney who is looking out for your best interest. At Welch Law we will not only be able to explain to you what your rights and obligations are your lease, but we can also negotiate with the other side if a lease presents intolerable obstacles or threatens your key interests. Ensuring that you have a favorable lease from the outset can help you avoid future disputes and keep your business running smoothly. At Welch Law, we will guide you through the leasing process and ensure that the lease contract is consistent with your objectives. Need more comprehensive business advice and counsel? Learn more about our On-Call Business Services.

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