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What Is Best Way to Spend ABLE Account Money?

April 8, 2022
ABLE accounts are a way for people with disabilities to save and spend money, while protecting their access to public benefits.
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How Does Gift Tax Exclusion Work?

April 7, 2022
In 2022, the annual exclusion for Federal Gift Taxes increased to $16,000 per person per year. Although there is near-universal acceptance of the importance of gifting, there are several issues you should consider before making any gifts.
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Why Shouldn’t I Wait to Draft my Will?

April 6, 2022
It’s an important task that is easy to procrastinate. However, here is why you shouldn’t:
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Common Estate Planning Mistakes

April 5, 2022
Your last will and testament is one of the most important legal documents that you will ever make. It allows you to direct where you want your property, guardianship and debts to go after you die, and allows you to appoint an executor to act out your wishes.
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What Is Virginia Doing to Protect the Residents of Assisted Living Communities?

April 4, 2022
Assisted living operators would need to meet new requirements before evicting residents under legislation passed Monday by the Virginia General Assembly. The bill has been sent to Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) for his signature.
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Is It Important for Physicians to Have an Estate Plan?

April 1, 2022
Given their salaries and the chances of getting sued, physicians should strongly consider estate planning early in their careers.
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What Can I Do Instead of a Stretch IRA?

March 31, 2022
Leaving behind a huge tax bill for your heirs with the stretch IRA scuttled? Here are some ways around it as lawmakers consider an updated SECURE Act.
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How Do I Protect My Children in a Second Marriage?

March 30, 2022
Who’s going to inherit on the death of one of the re-marrieds? Will this be the surviving spouse? If so, where will those inherited monies go on the second-to-die’s death?
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Cryptocurrency and Estate Planning: What Executors Need to Know

March 29, 2022
My dad is investing in cryptocurrency! I know nothing about it and, frankly, I am not interested in learning. I think it is a passing fad. When he dies and I am responsible for the distribution of his estate to my siblings, do I need to address the crypto?
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How Can I Obtain a Power of Attorney for My Dad?

March 28, 2022
For those of us involved as care providers for someone having difficulty handling his/her own affairs, whether it’s a family member or not, requires that we have a power of attorney to do what’s in that person’s best interest.
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