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What Do I Look for in a Florida Trustee?

October 2, 2020
If you decide to leave assets in a trust for your beneficiaries, consider your designation of trustee carefully. The most important person in the trust framework is the trustee, the one responsible for managing trust assets.
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Locking in a Deceased Spouse’s Unused Federal Estate Tax Exemption

October 1, 2020
If you have lost your spouse during this time, there are so many issues you must address–funeral arrangements, meeting with lawyers and accountants and dealing with finances. All of this comes on top of dealing with the emotional loss.
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How 401(K) Beneficiaries Work with Your Estate Plan

September 30, 2020
To ensure your estate is settled in the way you want, it's wise to do a bit of extra planning to keep your documents up to date.
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Pre-Election Estate Planning Includes a Vast Variety of Trusts

September 29, 2020
Why wait? A variety of trusts—from SLATs to BDITs, GRATs and more—can help you be proactive in protecting your wealth.
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What Does a Florida Executor Do?

September 28, 2020
My aunt recently asked me to be the executor of her will when she dies. I’m flattered that she asked, but I’m not sure what exactly the job entails.
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Florida Estate Planning for Asset Distribution

September 25, 2020
The distribution of some of our assets can be governed by contracts. Examples of these contracts include life insurance, investment accounts, bank accounts and trusts.
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What Needs to Happen after a Spouse Dies?

September 24, 2020
The list of things you need to do after someone dies can seem endless, especially during a time when you are also grieving.
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How Do I Find a Good Palm Beach Gardens Estate Planning Attorney?

September 23, 2020
Estate planning is a systematic method that manages the personal and financial matters of a person in case of death. The legal document for the necessary plan for death is called the Last Will and Testament, which includes the set of instructions for the condition and distribution of the estates.
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What are My Florida Power of Attorney Options?

September 22, 2020
As part of your estate planning, don’t forget to consider a power of attorney.
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How Can I Help with My Grandchild’s College Tuition?

September 21, 2020
Part of estate planning includes helping with the ever-escalating costs of education for children and grandchildren.
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