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Do I Need an Estate Plan with a New Child in the Family?

May 22, 2020
If you have children or are expecting one, you may also want to take the three big estate planning steps that we did.
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Naming an Advance Designee for Social Security

May 21, 2020
Now you can actually have a voice in who is chosen, but you need to do it while you have capacity.
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What Should I know about a Financial Power of Attorney?

May 20, 2020
Has a loved one named you their financial power of attorney? Are you ready to take on all the responsibilities that entails? Hopefully, you won’t be called into action anytime soon, but with the coronavirus pandemic continuing, it’s something to think about.
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Some Counterintuitive Florida Retirement Strategies

May 19, 2020
There are many ways to implement a successful retirement strategy. One of them is to carefully map out a sensible financial plan and then stick to it through thick and thin. Another is just to wing it, using your intuition and gut feelings, and hope for the best.
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What are the Big Dental Care Issues for Seniors?

May 18, 2020
There’s a natural wearing down of our teeth as we age. Old fillings crack from years of chewing and grinding, which allows an opening for decay to spread around the edges. The best preventative is regular checkups and teeth cleanings, but not everyone is comfortable visiting a dentist.
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What if I Don’t Have a Florida Last Will and Testament?

May 15, 2020
Until now, you may have viewed writing a will as something you’d get around to doing someday. However, because of the vicious coronavirus, it’s time to treat writing a will as something every bit as important as washing your hands and using hand sanitizer, considering the potential consequences of not doing those things.
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Digital Assets Need to Be Protected In Estate Plans

May 14, 2020
The proliferation of digital footprints in our online communities raise demand for consumer tools and options for dealing with digital assets upon incapacity and death.
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Why Long-Term Care Insurance is a Really Good Idea

May 13, 2020
The value of long-term care insurance (LTCI) is an ongoing conundrum. There's no doubt we're living longer. According to, a site provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, at least 70 percent of people 65 and older will need long-term care services and support at some time in their lives.
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Does Your Estate Plan Need a Will, Trust, or Both?

May 12, 2020
One of the most fundamental choices you can make as you’re thinking about how to pass your assets on to heirs, is whether you hold assets in a revocable trust or more simply give them via a will. Both approaches have advantages, although trusts can provide significantly more benefits.
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How Low-Interest Rates Create Estate Planning Opportunities

May 11, 2020
A more present sense of one's own mortality may drive those who have not made plans before to begin the process of creating an estate plan. For those who have existing plans, are they up to date? How does the changing economic environment affect prior decisions?
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