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Welch Law knows what it takes to start, build, acquire, and run successful dental and medical practices because we have been there and done that. In 2016, Mr. Welch assisted his wife, Dr. Arghavan Welch, in fulfilling her dream of building her own orthodontic practice, Gardens Orthodontics, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Mr. Welch regularly calls upon the hands-on experience and knowledge gained through this process to provide insight and value to his clients. Welch Law offers more than “legal” advice on starting or operating your practice. Our unique experience allows us to advise you on the day-to-day practical demands of running it.

Our business is to understand your business. Our goal is to structure and pursue legal and business strategies that don’t just prevent problems or maintain compliance — we want to help you advance your business goals. Many of our clients run large or well-established practices. They don’t need our help getting off the ground. They’re looking for a sophisticated alternative to high-cost, glacial-moving large law firms. But many other clients are entrepreneurs, at or near the starting gate. We provide street-smart, solid business advice daily on things like creating business plans, scouting locations, negotiating leases, licensing, operating agreements, construction contracts, vendor agreements, employee issues, compliance, insurance, patient referral laws . . . and the list goes on.

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