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Jupiter Business Litigator Edward Welch

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While some law firms prefer to “fight fire with fire,” Welch Law takes a difference approach, preferring to fight fire with a fire extinguisher. We strive to quickly and unequivocally close the door on the opposition before significant fees are expended in the litigation process. Our law firm endeavors to understand your business and keep in regular contact so that we are available and up–to–speed when it comes to your business needs, affording you rapid transaction guidance as well as immediate response and flexibility in emergency situations to effectively avoid litigation, and/or aggressively represent you in the courtroom when necessary.

Welch Law has successfully guided small and mid-sized businesses and their owners, corporate officers, and directors through litigation. Litigation can threaten the existence or continuation of a business. The cost of litigation can be exorbitant and may be amplified by the billing requirements of law firms utilizing old-fashioned, hourly billing methods. Welch Law’s alternate fee structures, including flat rate and contingency billing, are predictable and affordable. We consult with businesses to review business practices and advise on litigation avoidance strategies. When the threat of a lawsuit is on the horizon, Welch Law can be called upon to help contain the dispute in an attempt to avoid litigation. When litigation is required, Jupiter Business Litigator Edward Welch will vigorously pursue the interests of our clients.

Business litigation touches upon contractual disputes, partner and shareholder disputes, noncompete and non-solicitation enforcement, commercial real estate issues including lease and construction disputes, unfair business practices, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and employment law issues.

The nature and complexity of business relationships can cause disputes between partners and members of businesses. Jupiter Business Litigator Edward Welch can assist in negotiating, mediating, arbitrating or litigating a business dispute. Our legal team understands the pressure placed upon business owners to operate within the law.  We are here to help you strategize and resolve business disputes with minimal impact on your operations and reputation. Read more on LinkedIn about Attorney Edward Welch.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]