Personal Injury Lawyer Jupiter

Accidents can take place anytime and the injuries which are caused due to them can be extremely painful as well as costly. At times the mental health of patients might be affected as well. During the healing process not only does one miss days at work, their medical bills and other expenses rapidly increase. Accidents may even lead to you paying higher insurance premiums as well.

If you are involved in a car accident in the state of Florida, you might need the professional help of a personal injury lawyer in Jupiter. Personal injury cases are filed due to numerous reasons and can become very complicated. Hiring a personal injury lawyer becomes extremely important when one of the following events occur.


Negligence is one of the key components in any personal injury case. Under the Florida law, negligence is the failure to exercise the degree of reasonable care which is expected of someone to minimize the risk to another person. It is up to our team of professional personal injury lawyers in Jupiter to prove that the defendant was undeniably negligent in the personal injury case you’re fighting.

Slip & Fall

Unsuspecting people are injured due to slip and falls each day, and several of this is a result of the carelessness of a landowner or the business. People and companies should keep their premises safe for guests and clients. Personal injury lawyers in Jupiter help establish that the owner knew or ought to have known that there is property is unsafe, and which is why he/she should be held liable for the injury.

Car Accidents

After you have been in a car accident the first thing you should do is to immediately call the police and stay besides your vehicle. After the case has been filed by the police department one needs to begin the process of filing insurance claims. Personal injury lawyers in Jupiter will also help to serve as your advocate throughout this entire process. This will result in you achieving a favorable outcome in your case.

To hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Jupiter you can call Welch Law at (305) 202-0645 for a free consultation. Our personal injury lawyers in Jupiter are going to answer all the numerous questions you might have and explain the manner in which your lawsuit is going to proceed. There are some cases which can be settled before the litigation process even begins. Let Welch Law help you!

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