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The bustling real estate market in Palm Beach County shows no signs of cooling off. One of the county’s hot spots is the beautiful beach town of Jupiter. And if you’re thinking about making a real estate move here, you will need the guidance of an experienced legal team for your real estate transactions. Whether you’re selling, buying, or planning to build, or have other real estate needs, when searching for an experienced real estate attorney in Jupiter, FL, contact Welch Law.

Contact a Top-Notch Real Estate Attorney in Jupiter FL

Welch Law handles a multitude of various real estate transactions. We represent real estate developers, property owners, real estate investors, brokers, property managers, homeowners’ associations, contractors and construction companies, architects and architectural firms, apartment owners, industrial building owners, and other real estate professionals.

Think of an attorney as a risk minimizer. Real estate transactions or litigating real estate issues can be extremely complicated, which is why you need help from an experienced, trusted lawyer. Here are just a few of the real estate matters we can assist you with, at Welch Law:

  • Loan modifications
  • Insurance
  • Title searches; review any issues with titles
  • Proper filing of deeds with local government offices
  • Create deeds, rental agreements, purchasing contracts, etc.
  • Negotiate terms with brokers, banks
  • Review a sale before it becomes final
  • Advise you on any existing legal litigations
  • Advise you on any specific regulations regarding rental property
  • Breach of contract issues
  • Lawsuits involving your neighbor
  • Real estate partnership litigation


The real estate and commercial litigation lawyers at Welch Law have trial experience in all facets of real estate litigation and are committed to working closely with you to evaluate your situation, formulate solutions that achieve your objectives, and implement those solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

When looking for an experienced real estate attorney in Jupiter, FL, call Welch Law at (305) 202-0645, for a free consultation.


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